Friday, February 28, 2014

My Loyal Assistant

I owe a great deal of thanks to a great deal of folks when it comes to this blog, but I have one partner in particular that I would be absolutely lost without:

What, you were expecting a shout out to the Lovely Wife?  What if I told you THIS was the Lovely Wife?  How jacked up would you think I was then?  Like if I was that dude in "Her" that falls in love with an operating system?  I bet there would be a whole new perspective on your old pal Napkin wouldn't there?

Rest assured, The Lovely Wife is very real, (and very hot- hubba hubba!).

And my reliance on this little jump drive is very real too.  It has all my scans, my checklist, my sampler album data and blog post ideas (don't need that anymore do I?!)

If I'm looking and can't find this little beauty I go into a full panic.  I remember one time a couldn't find it for like 3 days and I was totally discombobulated.

If I were smart I'd take a few seconds and back it up periodically, but as you know, I am a total wild man and live on the edge constantly.


Play at the Plate said...

IF I ever lose my flashdrive, I think I'd hang it up.

The Lost Collector said...

We are really getting all the behind the scenes looks in your last days, aren't we?

Fuji said...

Wait... you guys save your stuff on a flash drive? Looks like I better invest in one of these and start backing stuff up.

Laurens said...

My life is in one 30 MB flash drive I bought at Target for $5 six years ago - with two other flash drives crashing in the past year, I want to upload many of the random 'collecting' files from the 30 MB flash drive onto Google Docs, in case the drive crashes too.