Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 2011 Napkin Doon Hot Dog Tournament Championship!

It’s over!  Today, the final match-up of my hotdog contest, featuring Five Guys Burgers vs. White Oak Station,  was held on a kitchen counter in a quiet neighborhood in Northwest Arkansas.   

The sky was overcast and gloomy, but that didn’t dampen the electricity in the air.  Fresh off of watching Nelson Cruz’s walk off grand slam Monday night,  and with the anticipation of attending an auction at Cleve’s tonight, I thought I should make the day even more special and wrap up my hot dog contest.  Since both final contestants are in close proximity to each other, I decided the best, fairest way to handle this round was to pick both hot dogs up and bring them both home during lunch today.  I was so nervous; I couldn’t concentrate on work all morning.  This ranked just below the births of my children and right above my wedding day as the most important, profound, dignified day of my life.
Here are the contestants, side by side. 

 I was baffled when I opened the Five Guys dog, and it once again looked like they had forgotten the relish.  Thankfully, it was in there this time.  The lovely wife thought the neon green Chicago Style relish on the White Oak Station Dog looked disgusting.  I thought it was gorgeous.  Speaking of the lovely wife, I asked for her input on this contest and she agreed to try each one. 
I flipped a coin and tried the White Oak Dog first.  Stupendous!  They put their best foot forward on this day, and served up a real winner:  fresh bread, outstanding condiments and a superb frank.

Five Guys was next.  Unbelieveably good again!  Even fresher, softer bread, outstanding condiments, and a perfect frank, deep fried with slightly crisp outer edges. 
The lovely wife and I were in agreement:  wonderful effort from White Oak Station, but Five Guys has once again triumphed!
Congratulations Five Guys!  You are the winner of the first and only Napkin Doon Hot Dog Tournament Championship!

Thank God this is over!  Maybe a year from now I will do something similar.  There are a lot of good places to get chicken fried steak around here…


Dennis said...

Question: did you steal that trophy from some adult movie awards show?

The Lost Collector said...

I laughed for five minutes when I saw the trophy. If you put that image first I wouldn't have been able to read the post.

Eric L said...

ummmmmmmm........what are the five guys going to do with the trophy?

/slowly backs out the door

Eric L said...

Also, I'm glad you completed the contest for the trophy presentation alone. Well done sir.

Ryan G said...

That's one happy wiener! Maybe they'll put a replica trophy on every seat in the restaurant in honor of this great achievement.

PS, lame side story. I saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on Sunday, driving down the freeway.

night owl said...

Way to take my mind off the neon green relish.

But now I've got a bigger problem.

Play at the Plate said...

Love 5 Guys, but never had a hot dog there. My son won't order a burger because he loves their hot dogs so much.
That trophy is ummm....well, I just don't know about that.

carlsonjok said...

Damn it. Here I was going to make a joke about that trophy and everyone else got there first.


Anthony Hughes said...

Wow, I never thought to order hot dogs at Five Guys. I will have to give it a try.