Thursday, April 7, 2011

Napkin Doon's Big Fun Game Pick Order:

Here is the randomly set pick order:

1) Mariner1
2) Steve D
3) Ryan G
4) Matt Pederson
5) Lost Collector
6) SpastikMooss
7) BA Benny
8) Dimwit
9) dawgbones
10) hiflew

Mariner1 is on the clock.  Once he picks from lot 1-10, I will reveal the prize and it will be Steve Ds decision to steal the prize or pick something else.  I will check back in an hour or so,  now I really have to put the kids to bed. 

Have fun!


hiflew said...

One again kicks me in the jimmy. I swear there is a conspiracy between that site and myself.

Seriously though this sounds like such a great game and picking 10th might work out quite well.

Mariner1 said...

In honor of the late great Willie Stargell, I will go with #8. Thanks for the contest again!

Ryan G said...

hiflew, I think the #10 spot isn't going to be too bad at all, unless the "best" stuff gets picked and then transfered twice before you get your hands on it. I'm going for the Nolan Ryan PSA-10 RC I know he stuck in there. (Hah. I'm not holding my breath for that.) We used to play this game at the office Christmas party for a few years.