Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wax Wednesday- Bowman Platinum

I suppose my attempt to score some points with the lovely wife Tuesday night by magnanimously announcing I was refraining from attending the weekly auction at Cleve's would have been more credible had I not had 3 rack packs worth of cards in my hands at the time.  But they were rack packs of Bowman Platinum, and I had my reasons.

I've been able to mostly pass on A&G so far, but the other day at Walmart, I just happened to be walking by the card section when I saw the stocker putting out some brand spanking new Bowman Platinum.  Actually, I couldn't give you a good reason why I felt the need to grab these.  I wasn't overly impressed with Platinum last year.  Perhaps I wanted to be one of the first to post pack break results from this offering.  So far, I haven't seen much on this set in the blogosphere.  Probably,  I was still coming down from the high from Brycemas and hoped lightning would strike twice.   Yeah, actually I know that's it.  I'll save the suspense and tell you I didn't hit anything big.  But I do like these cards. 
Here is a base card.  This is actually a case where the scanner OVER does justice to the card.   The base cards are nice, but it's not as shiny as the scanner makes it out to be.    The prospects set cards are nice too:

These look and feel more like chrome cards than the base, and in fact curl a little bit (but not as bad as Topps 2010 chrome).
Rack packs come with 3 purple parallel cards. Here was what I got:
And of course, there are all sorts of other parallels:

The Cox (Yea! a Razorback!) and Ackley are refractors, but not numbered.  The Crawford is more true red than the scan shows.

Looking at the checklist, I'll probably decline to build this set (not enough Rangers) but will probably put together some "rainbows" of a few players.  Anyone else have any initial luck with Platinum? 


Cheap Card Collecting said...

I opened a rack pack today and it's on my blog. Are the Posey and Gary Brown for trade?

The Lost Collector said...

Nice, I think the cards look pretty cool! I liked last year's so I look forward to busting a few packs.

Spiegel83 said...

I bought a blaster of Bowman Platinum the other day and pulled a Randall Delgado auto. I was super pumped to get an auto from a blaster. Also, is the Dee Gordon for trade?