Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Fun Game Wrap Up..

Thanks to all the participants for my 3rd Big Fun Game!  First, just so everyone knows this was on the up and up, here is a screen shot of the prize randomizer:

Here is the final prize list:

1. Dawgbones- T206 Lot
2. Matt - Gypsy Queen Green Lot
3. cardanathema (frzn) - Clemente from Matt, lost collector
4. Dimwit - Clemens
5. cubsfan731 (frzn) - Relic Lot from cardanathema, Dimwit
6. josh - Strasburg from Matt
7. lost collector - Longoria from dawgbones
8. eric - Mauer Patch from cardanathema
9. trey j - Joe Morgan from lost collector
10. diamond king - Bowman Harper Card

It was interesting to see the biggest reaction to any of these was from dawgbones' T206 lot!  I thought for sure it would get traded, but I'm thrilled that it was a great fit for him!

Here were the two prizes that went unclaimed:

2003 Sweet Spot Classics Patch- Fred Lynn
Topps Finest Uncirculated Johnny Damon #d to 199

Thanks again to everyone who played.  If you have not already done so, please send me your address.  I would like to get all prizes out tomorrow.


The Lost Collector said...

Good stuff Nappy! Thanks again!

dawgbones said...

Very interesting, "IF" I would have traded, it would have been for door #8, and I would have been totally happy with that choice as well. The Wynn patch is very cool, I've always liked the red socks in the "Red Sox"!! Thanks again for the contest and another awesome time. Three Cheers for Doon, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray!!

Matt said...

I was pretty psyched about my lot of Gypsy Queen with Red Schoendienst, but I think on some level I didn't say anything because I was afraid of making it look desirable to others. Either that or I was just too busy at work to comment :)


Eric L said...

If you wanted to add the RedSox manupatch to my package, I'm certain I can find something special to send your way in return!
If not, no biggy. Just glad to be a part of the very fun Big Fun Game.