Saturday, July 30, 2011

Trade With Manupatches and Chrome Scratches

Eric L from the fantastic blog Manupatches and Chrome Scratches, was one of the players in my recent Big Fun Game.  Eric has some really unique collecting goals, and some of his Luke Hochevar groupings are nothing less than inspiring.  His blog is funny, and well crafted.  And, as his blog spells it out, he likes Manufactured patch cards.  So, surprise, surprise, he stole the Joe Mauer Patch Card when it was his turn to pick in the Big Fun Game.  He also took an interest in one of the unclaimed prizes, a Fred Lynn patch card, and made me an offer I couldn't refuse:

I'm ecstatic to get Michael Young relic cards, especially when I don't already have them.  He also threw in a bunch of other cool stuff:

A bunch a great Rangers cards, most of which I didn't have.  The 2008 UD Documentary set was totally foreign to me, so they were a nice surprise. 

And he also sent some of my favorite non Rangers.  The Strawberry Fleer card is the bomb!  I appreciate the extra cards, and I definitely owe you Eric!

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Eric L said...

Glad you like the cards and am looking forward to our next trade!