Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleve's Auction Night: Part Two- "Are You Serious, Napkin?"

I am serious.  And don’t call me Shirley.  Airplane.
I mentioned in yesterday’s post that instead of goody boxes, I got goody binders.  These were $2-$3 each, so even though I admittedly didn’t know what they had, I bought them anyway.    I also got 3 Topps Traded sets for $2.  Two 1990, with nobody significant, and one 1989.  The 89 set has a Griffey Rookie, so that covered my cost.  I looked in the boxes and these cards are pristine.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t have either of these sets, and for about 65 cents a pop, I thought, “Why not?”  We’ll say I paid a buck for the 1989 and $.50 each for the 1990s.  That doesn’t seem so bad.

Here was the gist of binder #1:
1993 Stadium Club
 Nolan Ryan Pacific

I guess Stadium Club did team sets in 93.  I’ve never seen these before, but complete team sets are great for trading.  Teams included in this binder are : Cubs, Rangers, Rockies, White Sox, Marlins.  Each set is 30 cards.  There was also a whole bunch of Nolan Ryan cards that I’ve seen before but don’t know much about.  This binder was $3, which equates to about $.50 per team set/Ryan lot.  Eh, not great.  However,  I can box these and make better use of the pages and binders.   Hell, the pages and binder would have cost around $5 alone.
Binder #2:

Again, this was $3, and again, the real value is the 50 pages in this binder and the binder itself.  The pages consisted of 1990 Sportflics, and base 86-88 Topps.  Nothing special.  But I like Sportflics, so I’m ok with these junk cards.  And there were some decent stars inside that can go in my star player binders and boxes. 
Binder #3:

This was also $3 and the best of the 3 binders.  There are about 20 pages of various Bowman chrome, and some good players (Ripken, Gwynn, Piazza and former Razorback David Walling for my Hogs album).  I love the Bowman Heritage Chrome TV cards, but these shown were the only 2 in the binder.

The best part was this complete SP set from 2000.  90 cards, with no cards missing.  I love complete sets as you may know.

Traded Sets:  B+  Super cheap, and I needed both years. 
Binder 1:  B-  : Team sets will be good to trade, and Nolan Ryan is Nolan Ryan.
Binder 2:  B- :   I can’t give myself a grade below B when the cost was only 3 bucks, and at a minimum I can use the pages and binder.  But these cards are totally unnecessary to my collection.  I basically bought the pages. 
Binder 3:  A :  Shiny cards and a complete SP set make this the best binder of the 3.  
I’ll give myself some bonus credit for the 90 blank pages that will come of this after I take all the cards out.  That would be about $15 in a store.  And they are the nice pages, too. 

Everything but the traded sets are up for trade for anyone interested.  Sadly, this will be my last auction for a few weeks.  I will be on business trips each of the next two weeks.  I could probably go into Cleve’s and do some write in bids for anything that looks good, but I should probably knock it off for a while.   I’m sure the lovely wife would agree with this.  However, she should know that Allen and Ginter is coming soon.  And Topps Marquee has my attention.  And truly, if Topps Lineage is as cool as I think it is going to be, there may be some trouble in the Doon Household.


Ryan G said...

I could use either a single card from each team set, or if you don't want to do that I'll take the whole sets. I also need one of those Teen Idols (if A-Rod's the only one, so be it) and one of the TV cards, please? I'll find you some good stuff in trade, if you want to hold on to them for a little while.

The Lost Collector said...

Damn Doon, you clean house at these auctions. I'm coming with you to the next one.

Eric L said...

Nice pickups.
Question on the Traded sets -- what is their numbering like? Are they high numbers (500+)? And were there many mustaches? I've seen boxes like those on the bay and thought about picking a couple up to help out the stache set, but I don't want to spend the money if they are low numbered and the staches are few and far between.

Ryan G said...

Eric, the traded sets of the '80s were like the numbering today, just with a "T" prefix or suffix (45T, for instance). If that's what you mean. If you're asking about set size (which seems more likely), they're only 132 cards. Look for the cheap set lots - I've seen people post several years' sets as one lot, which saves on shipping, or maybe you can find sets for a buck at card shows. Don't pay much for them, that's for sure. I can't answer to the mustaches, Napkin's going to have to do that!