Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Setting a 2014 Resolution Early

Me:  Hon, I need to talk to you about something... It's important.

Lovely Wife (with a concerned look):  What's wrong?  You ok?

Me:  Sure everything is great, I've just been thinking about making a New Year's resolution and I'm ready to commit to it.  I just want to get your buy-in and support.

Lovely Wife (Takes My Hand):  Of course!  I'll always support you!  What do you want to do?

Me:  Well, I've given this some thought, and, really, it's more of like a 10 year thing I'll work on.  It will take some time...

Lovely Wife:  Sure, it's great to have a long term goal...

Me:  Yeah, so here it is:  I want to build a 1952 Bowman Set.

Lovely Wife:  (Blank Stare)

Me:  I know it sounds like a big deal, but if I stretch it out over 10 years I can do it.  The Mantle card will be tough, but I know we can do it if we work as a family.

Lovely Wife:  (Blank Stare)

I think it was a lot to process, and she may just be overwhelmed with excitement and not sure what to say yet.  But here in the Doon household, 2014 will be the year of 1952 Bowman.  It's a relatively small set at 252 cards, no crazy short prints that I know of, and it has some big time cards that will be awesome to own.  I see these often at Cleve's and they seem readily available online at decent prices.

I have a couple already (Mickey Grasso and George Kell) and just picked up a couple more.  Now I have 4 of the 252!

They are really gorgeous cards too:

 Stan Musial said Raffensberger was the toughest left hander he ever faced.

Auburn (booo!!!!) baseball's Hitchcock Field is named after Billy and his brother.  I don't like Auburn.

I'm excited about this project and I hope it helps me stay disciplined with retail wax purchases in 2014.  It will be fun to share my progress!


Play at the Plate said...

I have a similar post coming up this morning! Good luck.

Daniel Wilson said...

Can't wait to see all the awesome 52 Bowman cards you're going to get in 2014! Good luck!

Dhoff said...

Hilarious post. '52 Bowman is my ultimate favorite vintage set. I had to just settle on putting a team set together. I potentially have lots of this to trade, if you don't mind beat-up. Anyway, good luck. Can't wait to see how this goes.

Oh, I have a new Hinske auto for you.

carlsonjok said...

Dude, let me know your comfort level in cost per card and what grade you are wanting. I know a guy that will usually have a pile of commons from one set or another. If he has some 52 Bowman in the right quality and price range, I can probably broker a deal for you.

The Lost Collector said...

This is awesome. Good luck!

Dan said...

that conversation would work well in a sitcom

Napkin Doon said...

carlsonjok, awesome! I only have 7 so far, so I'm up for lots for sure. I'm wanting to build a set at least in VG/EX condition, no major flaws or creases.

Dan, we have a lot of sitcom dialogue in our house. In fact, I have a laugh track button that I press constantly to reinforce my humor.