Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Triple Threads Beltre

Look at me! What is this, like 3 or 4 days in a row with a post?   Anything to avoid work I guess!

I called you all here today to take a look at my new Adrian Beltre baseball card.  It's from 2013 Triple Threads:

There's a lot I love about this card.  But that glove icon is lame.  It looks very kid-crafty to me.  Didn't stop me from buying it though!


The Lost Collector said...

Why is the Hamburger Helper Glove Guy in the middle of this card?

The Lost Collector said...

It also looks like the glove Babe Ruth wore.

Need More Cardboard said...

I recently bought a Brandon Beachy green parallel that has the same window design as your card. I'm not a fan of the glove either. The tiny pieces of cardboard between the "fingers" are way too easy to damage.