Monday, December 9, 2013

Checklist Chipaway: 2003 SPX Winning Materials

We're putting the finishing touches on this set in the Doon household, compliments of this Roger Clemens addition:

These are my favorite excessive, over the top cards of all time.  They are low numbered (most of mine are numbered to 375, this one is 175 but I don't care about consistency here), contain a couple of jersey pieces, and a sweet little rubber home plate insert with a team logo on it.  I love it!

There are 42 cards in this set, and I have 39.  The last card I expect to get for a reasonable price is Hideki Matsui, but so far that one has been tough to track down.  The other two cards are Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams, so I'm saying for all intents and purposes I'm done with this after I find the Matsui.

But if I hit the lottery or receive and unexpected bonus from work I'll hunt the Mantle and Williams too.

1 comment:

The Lost Collector said...

Always comes down to the Yankees, doesn't it? Cool card. I'm actually not even certain I have a Clemens Yanks jersey card.

Good luck finding the Sui!