Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cleve's Auction Night Part Two : An Assist From Bob Lemke

I mentioned yesterday in my euphoric post about winning a Satchel Paige card the other day at Cleve's,  that there was a second card I won that needed it's own post.  Getting this card was almost as much fun, but for different reasons. 

1952 Bowman Mickey Grasso- (the card is not miscut, it's my stupid scanner)

There are blogs like mine, run by fans and amateurs, and there are blogs like Bob Lemke's, run by people in the card business who know what they are talking about.  Bob is not only the current vintage editor of the vintage card sections of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, but he also creates some really neat custom cards on his site.   I read Lemke's blog religiously, and because I was reading back in April, I learned the very interesting back story on back up catcher Mickey Grasso.  (Please click this link for some great WWII history.)

So the other day when I was browsing the offerings for the upcoming auction at Cleve's, the Mickey Grasso card stood out amongst the other 1952 Bowman Commons that were to be available.  I put in my write in bid, and was optimistic I would get it.  And I did!

This is the kind of addition to my collection that keeps me energized!  Thank you to Mr. Lemke, not only for the great story on Grasso, but for providing such an entertaining and informative blog!


1952 Bowman Mickey Grasso $3:  A+  A great vintage card in fantastic condition with an interesting story.   All for less than the cost of a Big Mac.


The Lost Collector said...

Sweet card! Nice pick up Nap.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE these kind of baseball stories from the game's golden days!

I've taken a similar approach lately, Nap. I've been reading books on old baseball and completely relishing the stories and tales that seemed to prevail in the old days. Names and characters previously unknown to me are suddenly epic heroes.....epic heroes that, while they might not be found in Cooperstown or listed in a Beckett - are now instant treasures and "FINDS" in 'common' boxes/binders/etc. around my local card circuit.

Sorry - got a little long-winded.

GREAT pickups on both of your Cleve wins!