Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pie Face Funded: Ranger Relics

A while back I bragged about stumbling upon a Mark Teixeira "pie in the face" variation card while digging through my boxes. 

I sold it online, and got a LOT more for it than I expected.  As soon as the buyer put his funds in my paypal account, I was ready to turn around and spend it, but I was also faced with a decision:  should I get one or two really nice cards, or should I get a bunch of little stuff and maybe knock off some of my checklist needs?  I was spying a T206 Eddie Cicotte card, as well as a 1952 Topps Bob Feller.  Either would have been great additions to my collection.

However, once I started shopping on COMC.com and sportlots.com, I came across too many cards that I "need" for my checklists and decided to go that direction.  But man, that Cicotte would have been nice...

My first pie face funded cards came in today- a group of Ranger relics, starting with 3 from 2013 Allen and Ginter:

This Ian Kinsler card is really nice.  I love the cardboard stock and the bright red swatch.    These full size Allen and Ginter Relics might be something I want to collect later on.  Super nice card.

I like the minis too, just not as much as the full size.  At first I was excited to see a stain on this Elvis Andrus card.  But couldn't that just as easily come from some doofus handling the card and rubbing dirt on it from his back yard?

Does anyone know why the frames are different colors on these?  Does it mean anything? 

Finally, I picked up my first relic card of one of my newest favorite Rangers, Martin Perez. 

Love these cards, and there is more great stuff on the way!  Still, that Cicotte would have been nice....

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Play at the Plate said...

Gotta get one of those Kinsler red swatch relics. The blue is nice, but they don't make many of the reds!