Friday, August 9, 2013

Pie Mining

Tip of the day to all of you collectors like me (read: absent minded, non-thorough, etc.): every once and a while go back through your common boxes. 

I've got a 5,000 count box of Topps base cards that should basically be all be commons, or at least players I don't care much about.  When I rip wax, I put the cards I collect in my binders, and/or build a complete set of the product.  I assume that is similar to what a lot of you do, or maybe not.

Anyway, I was updating my star binder albums the other day to include some new players and was going through all my 5k count boxes.  I was digging through a group of  2010 Topps and came across this:

I simply may not have known about these "Pie in the face" SPs when I was originally opening the product, or maybe I was just sorting in a hurry and didn't notice.  I did a quick check of eBay, and right now there is only one of these up for auction with a current bid of $66 and a couple of days to go.  Nice!  Hopefully I can get something like that when I put this up at some point.  If I can turn this into some nice 1952/1953 cards for my sampler album...

Anyway, it pays to go back through your crap folks!


Matt Pederson said...

I agree. I can't tell you how many great rookie cards I found this way, simply because I had never heard of the guy back when the cards came out.

The Lost Collector said...

I will give you $1.50 for it. Free shipping?