Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Elation Of A Filled Up Sampler Album Sheet: 1957 Topps

I recently completed the 1957 page of my Sampler Album thanks to a handful of cards I bought at Cleve's.  So here's the page is in all it's non-descript glory:

Lots to like about this page, and a few things I will be able to upgrade and tweak at some point.

First, all the players on this page a solid to very good.  Hall of Famers and near Hall of Famers.  A good variety of pitchers and hitters, a couple of Bums and Yanks.  I'm pretty sure I like the design of the set too.  Clean, classic and understated.  At some point I'll want to upgrade the Richardson rookie.  It has a small stain on the back and a crease down the middle.  But for now, this is a super page for the Sampler Album.


night owl said...

Great page. Thanks for putting Junior in the middle.

Dhoff said...

Yeah. What gives? Kaline should be getting center-billing.

Napkin Doon said...

night owl, I aim to please.

Dhoff, I aim to please... night owl.