Monday, August 26, 2013

Pie Face Funded: Arkansas Connection Cards

Between the Razorbacks and the NWA Naturals playing in my area, I'm not at a loss for good quality baseball, even if it's not quite MLB level.  I picked up a few cards using my Pie Face Funds that celebrate the local dudes I've been able to see, including the Orlando Calixte autograph above.  Don't know who he is?  He's a guy I can go watch play here right now in AA ball, is who he is.

You know who Wil Myers is though, don't you?  I've actually been on the field with Myers once, although he probably doesn't remember me.  Or perhaps he does?  I mean I didn't actually talk to him, or even stand in his line of sight, but still, I COULD have made it into his subconscious mind. 

And I picked up a trio of awesome Cliff Lee cards.  Seriously, these Topps Golden Moment die cuts are underrated.  Pretty sharp cards, and sort of over the top in design.  Which I love.

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