Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pie Face Funded: Kinslers and Beltres

I love waking up on days when I know I'm due a padded envelope of cards in the mail that day!  That was Saturday for me, as my "Pie Face" funded purchase from came in.  I don't at all regret my decision to purchase a bunch of smaller value cards rather than one or two big vintage cards.   Besides, I'll be able to produce at least 5 or so blog posts over this shipment, starting with some great Ian Kinsler cards:

These two Bowman's Best rookies were the main highlights of the Kinsler portion of this purchase.  I don't have either of these, and therefore my Kinsler collection was not serious.  The Green version on the left is numbered to 899.   I apologize for the cruddy scans.  We bought a new scanner and I haven't played with the settings yet.  I was thrilled with the speed of the scans- but now I see what I get with that.  Guess I need to increase the resolution next time.

For good measure, I picked up chrome and gold versions of his Bowman rookie.  Didn't have them either.

Finally, I tossed in a pair of rad die cuts.  Yes I said "rad."  These cards are rad.  If these aren't rad, I don't know what rad is. 

I added a few cards of one of my other favorite Rangers, Adrian Beltre.  I was going to do a separate post on these, but since it's only four cards, I might as well add them in:

Beltre is frequently referred to in social media as "OS!" As in "Oh Shit!" which is something he is sometimes overheard yelling when a fellow Ranger hits a home run.  Or when he hits one  himself.    I think he's yelling "Oh Shit!" on this card.  This beautiful blue refractor numbered to 250, that is.

 He's saying it on this green parallel, too.  The green isn't numbered, but it's just as pretty as the blue. Have I mentioned I love Adrian Beltre? 

I now have 3 of these green parallel Finest cards.  They're numbered to 199.  So if my math is right,  that means I have about 20% this run in my possession.   

I only have 1 of these orange cards, numbered to 99.  I can't figure out about what percent that equals.  Probably like a dozen % or something like that.


The Lost Collector said...

Directionally, your percentages sound right.

Play at the Plate said...

I hope Nachis Grande doesn't read this! Excellent cards my friend.