Thursday, April 5, 2012

Value Boxes Called Me Back

I mentioned last week that Value Boxes were back in stores, and while I liked them ok, I was likely not going to buy anymore.  That vow didn't last long.  Here is what I got in the second value box I bought.

This Griffey chrome card was by far the coolest thing in the box.  I only got one code card, and once again, I just came away with a stupid virtual coin.

The two Heritage hobby packs gave me a couple of cards I liked, but nothing huge.

Same for the 5 Topps flagship packs.

Everything is for trade, but that Griffey will be hard to part with even though I'm sure I could pick it up cheap off eBay.


Kyle4KC said...

Every once in a while Topps doesn't screw up and they make a beautiful card.

That Griffey is perfect!

Topps is rekindling my joy of Griffey this year. He was really an amazing player.

cynicalbuddha said...

Yep out of the three chrome refractors you could get I would want the Griffey, no disrespect to Mays or Mantle, but who didn't love the Kid?
And that card looks awesome!!