Friday, April 6, 2012

Trade With Pirates Treasure Room

A while back, Brian from the beautiful looking blog Pirates Treasure Room offered up a 2012 Topps SP of Eric Hosmer that I thought would be cool to have, so I claimed it.  I sent him a package of Pirates and he sent me a round-up of Rangers.  I was more than thrilled with my end of the deal.  First, the Hosmer card that started it all:

Here is the standard Hosmer 2012 card, next to the "Gatorade Bath" SP variation.  I've never been lucky enough to hit one of these SPs, so I'm glad to finally get one.  Brian sent a lot more than that though:

All three of these Kinslers would have been enough to trade for on their own.  They all came as part of the trade!  The blue tribute card is very, very shiny.

There were a whole bunch of other Rangers too.  I picked a few of my favorites to show. 

Thanks for the trade Brian, I appreciate it!


The Lost Collector said...

Nice trade!

Pirates Treasure Room said...

I'm glad you liked everything I sent out. We'll have to do it again soon. Don't forget to participate and pimp my Let's Go Bucs Contest to try and win some free cards.