Thursday, March 29, 2012

Topps Value Packs Are Back In Stores

I had some good luck with “value packs” last year, so I was  happy to see them make a return for 2012.   This year’s value pack is basically the same as the first value pack that came out last year:  5 packs of Topps Flagship, 2 Hobby Packs of Heritage, a code card and a special chrome card (either Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr. or Mickey Mantle).  I saw some today at my local Walmart and couldn’t help myself, even though I’m not especially interested in building either set.    He are the highlights:
 I love this Hamilton card, and I'm glad to get the gold sparkle parallel.
 Nothing too interesting.  The Golden Moments set is sort of interesting to me.
Here was the Chrome card- Willie Mays
Other than these two cards, my Heritage packs didn't provide squat.  The Vogelsong is the Chrome parallel.

So, nothing earth shattering.  I got 2 total code cards which yielded 2 ridiculous coins.  I’m really due for a big hit in wax.  I’m also due for a Die-Cut card from the code redemption program.  I am 0-9 so far this year, with only a bunch of fictional worthless coins to show for my efforts.

Everything is for trade except the Hamilton Gold parallel.


Nick said...

Hey Napkin,

Any interest in trading the Chrome Vogelsong for a 2012 Heritage "Stick-Ons" Nelson Cruz?

arpsmith said...

I would be interested in that Mays chrome card. Let me see what I have from your tier one list and I will let you know.

Fuji said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll have to hunt down one of the "value packs"... since I rarely bust boxes... and don't trust single packs. Maybe I'll stop by Target this weekend.

Ryan said...

Not too bad there, Nap. I feel your pain on the lack of hits this year. Flagship and Heritage have produced nada.....what could it mean as Gypsy Queen cometh?

I'd be interested in the Kemp and Molitor inserts - I'll do some digging to see if what I can find for you.