Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Card Show Finds Part 2

Yesterday, I covered the cheap vintage stuff I picked up at the local card show this past weekend.  Today I'll quickly cover the modern stuff.

 I got this Larry Walker card for $.50.  It has a little patch of "netting" in it that I thought was pretty cool.  It reminded me of an incredible Tony Gwynn card I got in a trade from "This Card Is Cool.." a while back.
 As great as dime boxes are, nickel boxes are fun too, especially when you find cool cards like these from the Fleer "Greats of the Game" set.  I got about 12, but I should have just grabbed them all (there were about 30) at $.05 each.

These tri-fold T205 cards were $.05 each as well, so I grabbed what I could.  This is about the time my daughter spotted the car rides and started getting jittery.

I managed to shuffle through the boxes a little longer and found a few misc things I didn't need but liked:

The 3D slugger and Eddie Mathews Chrome card were $.25 each and the tiny Cracker Jack and Reggie Jackson mini were dime box finds.


The Lost Collector said...

As negatively as Pacific was viewed while they were around, their inserts in the late '90s and early '00s were sweet.

That Fleer Greats of the Game set is one of the nicest sets ever. The cards look awesome signed too. Perfect surface.

Hackenbush said...

Terrific pick-ups!

Nick said...

Nice finds on the GOTG cards for a nickel each!