Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Card Show Finds Part 1

I've mentioned the puny card show that is held in NW Arkansas monthly before.  Sometimes I find some good stuff, most times I don't.  The show is either Fayetteville or Rogers (about 30 miles apart) and the shows in Fayetteville are usually better, but the show in Rogers is closer to my home.  The show this weekend was in Rogers.  Here is the show in all of its glory:

This poor little mall is not exactly a happening place. You can't see it but I took this picture standing in a little kids area with 4 of those $.50 car rides that go up and down for about 2 minutes.  I had my two year old daughter with me.  Guess where we spent most of our time that Saturday morning?

To be fair, she was pretty patient while I looked over some of the tables.  The lovely wife was smart enough to send some fruit snacks with me and that kept her content while a browsed.  And, I'm happy to say that I found a few goodies.

First, some cheap vintage for my sampler album:

 All of these came out of $.10, $.20 and $.50 boxes.  Actually, only the 1975 Killebrew and Madlock were $.50 the rest were $.10 and $.20, so I was pretty pleased with this haul.

Here are a few other dime box finds I was proud of:

 That's not a mistake.  The Gil Hodges 1967 Card was in a dime box.  There is a little smudge on the top corner, but otherwise the card is in great shape.  I think I might be able to scrape off the smudge too.

And finally, I found this in a dollar box, but the seller gave me half off without asking and I got this 1959 Larry Doby for $.50:

Overall, I spent about $7 total, which ain't too shabby.  I spent almost that much on my daughter's kiddie rides.   I'll show the modern cards I got tomorrow.


Dean said...

Killer finds and deals. Envious.

The Lost Collector said...

I'm impressed with all that for $7. I could also go for some fruit snacks.

Nick said...

Great finds! Can't beat the Hodges for a dime!

Dhoff said...

Yeah, I'm impressed. Great finds. That Doby is sweet.