Friday, March 23, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: I Have Something You Don't Have..

Once again, work travel blocked me from attending Cleve's auction this past Tuesday.  Once again, I placed several write in bids.  Unlike the last auction, I managed to win a few things this time.  One of wins was something I was shocked to get with a low write in bid considering it's age, uniqueness and what I presume to be scarcity.

Here are the spoils:

First was this 1970 Topps "Supers" Bob Gibson.  I don't know a whole lot about this set.  I've seen plenty of the 1964 Topps Giant Cards around, but hadn't ever heard of the 1970 "Supers Set."  I like this quite a lot though, and may pick a few more since they seem to be pretty affordable.

I put in a $2 bid on this 1978 Topps Dave Concepcion and that was enough to win.  I have no real interest in this other than the fact that I don't have any cards graded by SCG.    The slabs from SCG are very nice, and makes this ho hum card look and feel more expensive. Plus the grade is a 96 which is near perfect.

Finally, I previously had posted about a 1950 Callahan I bought online.  Last week at Cleve's one of the auction items was an original box that had contained a complete set.  I thought it was very interesting, and with my recent discovery of the Callahan cards, I wanted this empty box if I could get it cheap.  I put in a bid for $4 and that was all it took:

I only see a couple of these on eBay right now, and they are selling for way more than $4.  I'm not sure if I want to unfold the box and make it flat for storage in a binder, or leave it as a 3D box (it's not glued and breaks down and re-boxes very easily).  Either way, this an awesome addition to my collection!


Bob Gibson Topps Supers:  $3 B+:  It has a crease in the bottom, but it's still a nifty card of a HOF pitcher.

SCG 1978 Dave Concepcion  $2  B+:  A nice card of a multiple All Star that I picked up with couch change.

1950 Callahan Box $4 A+:   A great, historical oddball item that I may not see available again.  Big win for me!


Hackenbush said...

The 1970 and 71 Super's are plentiful. The 69's are much more rare and therefore pricey.

Spiegel83 said...

I look forward to the Cleves auction posts. These are always a fun read and makes me feel like I am at Cleves. Keep on buying the uniqueness of cardbboard.