Friday, March 16, 2012

Check Out My Stanky Pie!

I sniped a couple of nice vintage cards off eBay really cheaply while I was traveling last week.  They were waiting on me when I got home.

This is my second Eddie Stanky card.  It was only few of bucks, and I really like these old Bowmans.    $2.25 shipped for a 1950 card of a pretty well known player/manager?  Sa-weeet.

This is my first 1950 Callahan card.  Pie Traynor was a HOFer so this was another  great pick up for only $3.25 shipped.  I like these Callahan cards.  They are small sized cards, and the illustrations are done with some kind of “dot” process, and are not standard sketches.   You can see the craft of the card better in the scan. 
You can also read the back better in the scan.  For a small card, that type is microscopic.  Either that or I'm getting old.

1 comment:

Spiff said...

Of course you picked up Eddie's card because of the one game he managed for Texas. Right?