Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog Of The Year

I was humbled to see I had a nomination and two votes on Jaybarkerfan’s Junk for blog of the year.   First, thank you to Justin’s World for the nomination.    Your check is in the mail.    I nominated Bob Lemke’s Blog, although I can think of about 10 blogs off the top of my head that are worthy.  

As for the two votes, I think either my mother must have found out I had a blog, or more likely, since my blog is right above Night Owl on the poll, I likely picked up a couple of “fat finger” votes that were meant to go to him.  If my votes are not the result of either of those two scenarios, then there is only one other possibility:

I’ve been reading many of the responses to the idea of a “Best Blog” award.  I agree that it’s a tough thing to define.   There are so many types of baseball card blogs out there.  What makes one better than another?  But, if the Academy awards can have a “Best Picture” why can’t we choose a “Best Blog” award?  However, the Academy awards also recognize achievement in particular niches of film as well.  We should do the same in the baseball card blog universe.   I’ve created some sub categories and have already picked winners.  I’m not going to open this up for nominations or discussion.  My word is final.

Greatest Blogger/Humanitarian In The World:  Justin’s World for nominating me for blog of the year.

Easiest Blogger To Guilt:  Manupatches and Chrome Scratches

Most Difficult Blog Name To Type:  "e Rayhahn, Rayhahn”

Most Difficult Blog Name To Say:  Sports Syzguy

Best Blogger Who Is Also A Heroin Addict And Pornographer:  Lost Collector

Persistence Award:  Juuust A Bit Outside

Hottest Wife:  Napkin Doon

Post of the Year:  Wicked Ortega

Blogger Who Saved Me The Most Money This Year:  CCC

Artist Of the Greatest Baseball Card of All Time:  Dayf

Best Blogger Who Doesn’t Yet Have a Blog:  Ryan LaMonica

Best Use of Self Deprecating Blog Name While Secretly Plotting World Domination:  Daily Dimwit

Blogger Who I Hope Scores With Hot Asian Chicks While In Japan:  This Card Is Cool…

Best Taste In Favorite MLB Team:  Play At the Plate

Blogger Who I Have A Feeling Could Kick All Of Our Asses:  Cardboard Catastrophes.  They raise ‘em big in Oklahoma.

Blogger Who Has The Largest Amount of Good Cards From Me:  Placshke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle

Blogger Who Is Secretly Charlie Sheen:  Spiegel

Blogger Who I Desperately Want Attention and Approval From: Night Owl

Blog Post That I Will Read The Most In 2012 And Stroke My Ego:  Coot Veal And The Vealtones

There you have it.  I may think of more later, but congratulations to our winners!


Dhoff said...

I just nominated you for ROY blog, for your innovative creation of Brycemas, among other things.

I also nominate you for the most Napkin-related blog name.

The Dimwit said...

I disagree with you sir, on but one category: I have the hottest wife.

Oh, and thanks a lot for outing me on my plan for world domination... if it wasn't for those pesky kids...

Eric L said...

Big thanks Nappy for giving me my first award! The new year is off to a great start!

And I usually don't do this, but the word verification is too good not to share: "butfigly"

Ryan G said...

Hm. If I'm busy scoring with hot asian chicks, I won't have time to write! You're trying to get rid of me, aren't you! I see through your evil plans! Hah!

Greg Zakwin said...

Here's to a fruitful year of Cleve's auctions!

Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for mentioning me. Ma-Sheen is an idol of mine. I wish that I could be him. I also hope to do more video posts this year so, the blog world gets a better sense of my greatness.

Keep up the good work,brother!

mmmrhubarb said...

Thanks Nap for the honor! btw, you're missing the diacritical mark over the 'é'


(Happy New Year)

The Lost Collector said...

Dude, you're on to me. Congrats on the hot wife.

Play at the Plate said...

We do have that team think in common! Happy new Year!

Kyle4KC said...

I'd just like to mom for having me. Being annoying turns into an award. Mom always said be the best you can be at whatever you choose. So, I'm the most annoying blogger/trader EVER!! Mmmmuuaah aha ahah ahaha haa....

Napkin Doon said...

Persistent Kyle. Not annoying. There is a difference my friend!