Friday, December 30, 2011

eTopps Football Tracker 12/30

I think this may be the last week I run this tracker post.  I haven’t bought a card at IPO in a month,  and the spreadsheet is getting cumbersome.  Of course I may still be irritated at the recent shipping charges news and don’t have much affection foreTopps right now.  I ordered a bunch of cards to be shipped in hand and should get those in next week, so that may provide a spark.   Rationally, I understand eTopps decision to change their shipping policies.  I just wish I could have got the cards that were supposed to be released back on Dec 8 with my points.  Oh well, no use beating a dead horse.
I did take the plunge and move my Aaron Rodgers this week.  I got this beauty for it:

The Rodgers card was very cool, but it’s hard to argue with a T206 Mantle.  The Rodgers will go down (and has been) in value, but the Mantle should stay pretty steady.  In fact, this Mantle is one that I am receiving in hand next week, so I’m anxious to show it off in it’s real life glory.

Other than that, it was another bland week on the tracker.  I may do it again next week, who knows.  It kind of depends what, if anything, is offered on Monday.  If team cards start, I think I will wrap it up.  Last week the only card offered was Carson Palmer.  Yikes.  I hope there is one more week with at least one interesting player card.  I’d hate to think the 2011 season was ended with Carson Palmer.

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The Lost Collector said...

Just trying to catch up on some posts while my attention was with The Lost Collector Jr. I missed this one, but that Mantle is sweet!