Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gypsy Queen Life Vest: Courtesy Reader Ryan

When I started this blog, I had no preconceived notions about the level of trading in which I would participate.   In fact, I don’t think trading was on my radar at all as I timidly stepped into the blogging waters. But lately, it seems like that’s all I’ve been doing,  and I’m happy to say it’s been a blast.  But how can you not enjoy coming home from a hard day of reading blog posts work and finding a nice padded envelope with your fake name on it.  That’s just what I got from reader Ryan L.  the other day.  He sent a very nice stack of cards and yet again pushed my GQ master set toward completion.  I’d spend a minute extolling the virtues of his blog, but as of yet, he doesn’t have one.  Based on my correspondence with him, I think he should.  He’s got some really nice collecting goals and it would be cool to follow his progress.  Just do it Ryan, quit screwing around.  What, do you have a life or something?  Anyway, onto the goodies:

 12 Base Cards including some SPs.  I'm now at 53% complete for the base set.
Ryan also snuck in a couple of Green Framed cards of two superstars, and minis of 3 of my favorite players.  I suppose if I really wanted to have a master set of GQ, I should build the minis.  After looking at these, I just might.

And finally, a few other cards of some of my favorite players.  The Halladay is a numbered refractor. Sa-weeet.

Since Ryan doesn’t have a blog to cover his end of the trade, let me do it for him.  Actually, I don’t even remember what I sent him, but I’ll cover the gist of what I think he would have said about me:

“I’m sure by now you are blissfully aware of the highly entertaining, edgy and relevant ‘The Adventures of Napkin Doon.’  If you haven’t read his blog yet, what the %@*% are you waiting for?  Imagine if Cormac McCarthy, Thomas Pynchon and Mark Twain had a baby and that baby grew up to write a baseball card blog.  That’s the essence of Napkin Doon.  But be warned, unless you are prepared to be challenged mentally, don’t read his blog.  Certainly, the subject matter of his blog is baseball cards, but if you read between the lines you realize that he is actually holding a mirror up to society and saying “This…. This is what you are society.’  Plus he held a tournament for hot dogs too.”

Thank you for the kind words Ryan.  I’m blushing, but I graciously accept what your post about me would have said.


Eric L said...

I say you start the blog under Ryan's name without him. I think you have his voice down pat. No one would ever know. Plus, double the trades!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean I could then trade with myself? I hear that causes blindness........

carlsonjok said...

Hey! I read your blog! I'm mentally challenged!