Friday, November 25, 2011

The Cardboard Junkie Made Me Tear Up

I come to you today with a spring in my step.  I received some cards from the King of baseball card blogs, dayf, aka, the Cardboard Junkie.   His was the first blog that got my attention as , as it pertained to baseball cards.  In fact, it was this post that I specifically remember that hooked me.   I followed dayf's posts about A&G religiously every day.  He made me want to buy Allen and Ginter.   His posts were creative, funny and informative.   And he inspired me to write my own baseball card blog, not because I thought I could do it as well as him, but because he seemed to be having so much damn fun doing his. 
And dayf is an extremely generous gentleman, too.  I sent him a little note recently, just teasing, saying he didn’t love me because he hadn’t ever replied to an email I sent when I first started blogging and asked him to pretty please put me on his blog roll.    I guess I made him feel bad because he said he was going to send me some cards I needed for my Gypsy Queen master set (which made me feel bad for making him feel bad).  The cards came in the mail today.  

I could not believe one particular card that was included.  I stared in disbelief at it for a good 20 minutes.  I'm saving it for the end of this post though. 

First, here was the note in the package:

My very own "My Little Pony" sketch from the great Carboard Junkie!  How awesome is that?  Next, I noticed that there were way more cards in the package than I was anticipating.  He sent about 20 Gypsy Queen base that I needed.  I give you but a sampling:
He also sent a couple of the very cool Sticky Fingers inserts that I needed:

I only need one more (Jeter) to knock this sucker out.

Then, I came across the first big surprise:
This 2003 Diamond King Heritage insert not only knocks the rust off my 03 Diamond King master checklist, but this is one of the toughest cards to find.   I was stunned to see it, and am extremely appreciative!  But, what I came across last, in a simple penny sleeve, immediately became the highlight of my blogging experience to date:

A 1/1 sketch card of George Will.  As you may know, I am half-ass campaigning/wishing to get George Will on a 2012 Allen and Ginter Card.  Dayf beat Topps to it, and I don't think I would trade this for one from Topps if I had a choice.   And as I stated to him, the greatness of the front is only matched by the brilliance of the write up on the back:

I'm speechless over this card.  I'm glad I have dayf's address so that I can attempt to return the favor.  I'll never be able to fully though, because the Will card is priceless.    I hope my sincere gratitude is a start.  Thank you again dayf, you are the king.


Eric L said...

Crap, dayf may have just outdone his effort with the Build Your Own Moustache cards he sent me with that G. Will card.

dayf said...

You have NO idea how close George came to being a pony. I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I'm also glad you got the right Nolan. You commented on a Dime box post a looong time ago that you wanted the Nolan, but there were TWO Nolans in the post. I chose... wisely.

The Lost Collector said...

That sketch card is awesome! Nice work, Dayf!

Robert said...

Love the sketch card, especially the last line.."Lucy's a bitch"..

Love it...classic stuff dayf..

dawgbones said...

Lucy is, indeed, a bitch!! Fucking Brilliant!!!

Josh D. said...

Awesome post -- you made my "Month in Review" (again).