Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Catastrophe Schmutastrophe

Jeff from Cardboard Catastrophes keeps one upping me. Not only is his blog better than mine in general, I still haven't been able to come up with a better trade post title for trades with him than the one he came up with for trades with me:  Paper Products From a Paper Product.  Brilliant.
Then we sort of worked out a trade where I was going to send him some Red Man cards of Johnny Antonelli.  I say sort of because I actually was just going to send him the cards since I still owed him from our last trade.  I told him not to send anything.  But he went ahead and sent me a bunch of great Ranger cards, and they came in the mail today:

 My first Feliz relic card.  AWE. SOME.
 I'm more excited about this Gaylord Perry 1978 card the more I look at it.  Fantastic vintage.

And there were several current Rangers cards,with several A&G that I didn't have yet, and a couple of great Heritage Minors.  I hear Jake Skole is tearing it up in the AFL.

There were more as well, but these were my favorites.  Thank you so much for the great package Jeff!  I'll keep an eye out for more Antonelli cards!

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carlsonjok said...

As my wife will attest, I am completely incapable of throwing out any books. Books represent knowledge to me and it feels sacrilegious to throw any book in the trash, no matter how tattered it is.

For the most part, that has carried over into my collecting. I just cannot bring myself to throw any cards out. This year being my first year back in the hobby, I have sampled a lot of product and a good proportion of it didn't end up fitting with my collecting priorities. So, I felt it was important to get those cards into the hands of someone who can value them. In other words, they were sent without any obligations attached.