Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Culture For You Unruly Savages

While you brutes were spending your Sunday watching football, eating pork rinds and sticking your hands down your pants, I was elevating my already refined person by attending the opening weekend of the unbelievable Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

 The front entrance.  That's a metal tree.

And when I say unbelievable, I mean unbelievable.  This place has immediately put Northwest Arkansas on the Fine Arts Map.  It's certainly pulled in plenty of national pub:

Wall Street Journal
NY Times

You get the idea. That is, if you are still reading this post even after realizing it has nothing to do with baseball cards.  Man, if these national outlets think this place is great, I should point them in the direction of Cleve's! 

I'm extremely proud of this magnificent museum and look forward to going often.  We took the kids Sunday morning and spent about an hour there.  The lovely wife and I only got to see about a third of the main exhibits, because we spent most of our time with the kids in the child friendly parts of the museum.  It was a little uncomfortable carrying around the two year old girl in the Colonial exhibit, which held several million dollar works, and hearing her yell, "I NO LIKE THAT!" every time I stopped to take in one of the paintings.   Oh well, the museum has free admission, so we can always go back later.  I am hopeful that one of these days, since this is an American art museum, there will be a baseball art exhibit.   Back to your pork rinds, you Neanderthals.


The Lost Collector said...

It looks awesome...and empty. I'm envious. Every time I go to the National History Museum here in NYC, I unintentionally step on 14 different children.

Ryan G said...

Ew. Pork rinds are gross. That's like eating fried fat. Wait, it is eating fried fat.

The kids will probably appreciate art when they get older. It's good to expose them to it. I know I was exposed to lots of classic art and music as a kid through movies and cartoons (Merrie Melodies are awesome!) and that injected some interest in culture that has finally manifested itself 20 years later. Even five years ago I couldn't go to an art museum and feel like I was getting my money's worth, since i couldn't appreciate it. It will happen, though!

(Though I still don't like wine, or most dramas.)