Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Conlon Collection Part 3- A Page of Great Nicknames

I could spend yet another turn at this series yet again making fun of the writing on the back of these cards.    But I’d rather talk about the nicknames of these guys.  I love these names.  Why can’t we have great nicknames today?  I love the Rangers, but they have no great nicknames that I can think of.  Ian Kinsler is “Kins.”  Yawn.  Nelson Cruz is “Nellie.”  Come on.  At least Derek Holland has “The Dutch Oven” going for him.  Look at the names on the back of these cards:  Heinie (my son loves that one).  Pepper. Big Six. Bucketfoot.  I love "Bucketfoot", but don’t understand the explanation on the back of the card:  “… he was known as “Bucketfoot” because he always picked up his left leg and dropped it somewhere near third base when he swung.”  I don’t get it, but again, I am one of the more thickheaded fellows you will come across.

 I want an 8x10 of the picture of Ty Cobb's grip on the bat.


The Lost Collector said...

Agree, the only person who really does nicknames anymore is Chris Berman, but he doesn't do enough baseball anymore (which is fine) that these actually catch on.

The most annoying person with nicknames is Joe Girardi. He just puts a "y" on the end of a players name, even when it sounds awful. Eduardo Nunez? Nuney. Brett Gardner? Gardy. Francisco Cervelli? Cervy. Russ Martin? Marty. Curtis Cranderson? Grandy. Jesus Montero? Monty. Shall I keep going, Nappy? Doony?

night owl said...

"Bucketfoot" is a reference to the old baseball term "sticking your foot in the bucket," meaning when you swing, you pick up your front leg and place it off to the third/first base side instead of straight ahead.

Ryan G said...

Man, how about C-Kim and J-Hell winning the R-Year awards? And J-Ver getting the C-Young? Will C-Ker get the C-Young for the N-L? Will J-Ver be the M-V for the A-L? Or will it go to J-Bau or J-Ells? Will R-Brau get the N-L M-V? What about M-Kem or J-Up?

Yeah, nicknames these days stink.