Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cleve's Auction Night Part 2: Choke, Choke, Choke...

Yesterday, I covered the first four of eight purchases I made at Cleve's weekly auction.  I had a sense of failure about my overall auction performance after I left the auction, but once I started listing out the cards, I felt a little better.  Let's see if analyzing the last four cards makes me feel even better, or validates my initial feeling of dejection.

It's hard to be dejected about a sweet card like this though:

This was my second Triple Threads 2011 card of the night, and I was thrilled to get it for $4.  Longoria is a stud, and this will either fit nicely in my collection, or perhaps bring something cool in trade.  Speaking of which:
A few weeks ago, I got another Kershaw auto from Cleve's and wound up trading it away to Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle.  There must be a strong Kershaw connection at Cleve's because this week another auto of him was available.   So, I decided to go for it again.   And so did... dun dun dunnnnnn, my arch nemesis.  I made my initial bid of $3 and he went $4.  Last week, he got the better of me 3 times, but I wasn't letting it happen again.  I rolled up my sleeves and gave him a front row ticket to the gun show as I bid $5.  It didn't faze him and he said $6.  I bid $7, but instead of saying $7, I  stood up in my chair, pulled out my switchblade and made a big "7" in the air with it.  Then I slowly turned and mimed the universal gesture of slitting one's throat.  He stopped bidding, and the card was mine. Victory, baby.
There was lots of vintage at the auction, but not much I felt I had to have.  There was a neat Johnny Mize 1952 Topps that I could have had for $15.  I wish I'd gone for it now.  But I did get this little gem:
Eddie Stanky is one of those old ballplayers I love to read about.  Leo Durocher said of Stanky, "He can't hit, can't run, can't field. He's no nice guy... all the little SOB can do is win."   I was very pleased to get this.

I should have ended my night on this high note.  But I was impulsive and bought this as well:

This was a lot of 5 Red Man tobacco cards.  I like this set, but didn't look over the lot before bidding, and didn't see that one card was in it 3 times.  And the Mel Parnell card is in bad shape.  But still, for $4 it's not too bad of a purchase.

Here are the grades for the second four purchases:
Evan Longoria Triple Threads $4: A-  Great card of a budding star.
Clayton Kershaw A&G Auto $7:  A  A little pricey, but Kershaw is a bad dude, and I'm glad to get back an auto of him.
Eddie Stanky Bowman $4:  A+  I don't know what the book value of this is and I don't care.  I love talking about cards and players like this.
Red Man Lot $4:  C+  Yeah, I like these cards, but this was unnecessary for my collection, even for $4.

I guess overall, I'm relatively satisfied.  I feel good about 5 of 8 purchases.  If I would have lopped off the three that didn't jazz me, I would have spent closer to $20 and felt like it was one of my better auctions ever.  I'll need to show some better discipline next time.


Greg Zakwin said...

Dude, you did great! Seriously, the Kershaw alone makes you a winner. I couldn't buy that card for $7 around these parts if half of it were missing.

Oh, and I'm interested in the Longoria! And I need to hit this shop up for some Kershaws, clearly!

carlsonjok said...

Believe it or not, I have started a Johnny Antonelli player collection. I'd be happy to trade you for one of those Red Man cards.

The Lost Collector said...

I'm in downtown LA right now and a dude just came up to me on a bike and he was selling switchblades. Had I known they were such a strong bidding prop I may have bought one.

Napkin Doon said...

Just pulling a knife at a baseball card auction isn't enough LC. It's HOW you pull a knife. It's not as easy as I make it look.

Spiegel83 said...

A Ginter auto of a Gold Glove winning, soon to be Cy Young winner is always a great find.