Thursday, October 20, 2011

Checklist Chipaway: 2011 Topps Chrome

It’s fun to grind out the completion of the set, slowly but surely, a few cards at a time.   But sometimes you just have to go for the kill when a good deal comes along.  I posted some progress toward my 2011 ChromeBase set the other day and had a comment from Mike from Sports Syzygy saying he had busted a case of chrome and could help fill my set.    He also said he had a complete set that he would send for $25 shipped.   (He also posted on his blog that he had another one for sale at the same price the other day.  Not sure if it’s still available, but that beats anything you will find on eBay).   The more I thought about that deal, the better it sounded.  I was still only about 50% done, and even thought I only needed about 100 cards, that would still be at least $18 plus postage if I got them all off at $.18 per card.    Plus, this would give me an additional Eric Hosmer.    So I decided to skip Cleve’s auction this week, as well as the Etopps IPOs, which weren’t that great this week anyway, and spend that money on a set from Mike.  They arrived quickly and in pristine condition Tuesday.
I’ve already placed the cards in pages and a nice binder, and spent some time admiring them last night.  Sometimes I forget how enjoyable it is to read stats on the back of a card.  If the comments are interesting, even better, but the stats tell a better story anyway.
I was tempted to scan all the pages, but I’ll keep it to the front and back of the first 27 cards.  


And check out Mike’s blog.  He’s a neat guy.  One of his hobbies is collecting pressed pennies, which I find incredibly interesting.  Check out this post about it and you'll agree!  Thanks for the deal Mike!     

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Offy said...

No, thank you for the kind words. Glad to see that everything arrived safely. Chrome was a lot of fun to break. Topps did a really good job with it this year.