Friday, October 21, 2011

Etopps Football Tracker 10/21

The trend for eTopps football was down a bit this week from last week:

Looks like I really whiffed by passing on the Andy Dalton card, which is up 28% over IPO this week.  Tom Brady and Cam Newton are carrying my portfolio, although Brady keeps ticking down each week.  I would bet this card settles in around $10 by the end of the season, so I might think about trading it now and getting it back later.  My purchases are still above the overall set index, even with Ryan Mallett and Julio Jones pulling me down.  I'm really surprised by the weak performance of the Jones card out of the gate.  Maybe it will pick up steam as he gets healthy. 

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The Lost Collector said...

Surprised Dalton's card is doing better than Green's. In true Doonboggle fashion I just picked up their RCs. But I spent less than a dollar combined.