Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cleve’s Auction Night: Shhh Don't Tell The Lovely Wife

Somehow, the topic of Cleve's weekly auction hasn't come up this week with the lovely wife.  Bless her heart, she had two sick kids to deal with while I was traveling.  So showing off my latest grabs from Cleve's probably wouldn't be a great idea.  But she shouldn’t get too mad, since I only spent $12, which was the least I’ve ever spent there I think.  I once again had to miss the auction while traveling, but put in a few write in bids.  I didn’t get a lot this week, but did win the auction I was mainly targeting:
I am slowly building 2011 Chrome, which may be my favorite set of the year.  I’m only interested in the base set and some parallels of Rangers and a few other players.  One of the auction items was a lot of Chrome, with about 45 base cards and a handful of parallels, peppered throughout with Rangers.  I figured I could feel good about putting down a write in bid for the same amount I would pay for a rack pack, and sure enough, it was enough to win.

The base was what I was after, but the inserts will pay for this auction.

I also got this sweet magnet snap case for $2 that happened to have an autographed card from the super nice UD Exquisite set inside it.  I figured the snap case was worth the $2 alone, and the auto would make good trade bait.

To round my haul out,  I picked up a shiny autograph card of Andre Brown.    I don’t know who he is, but it came in a screw down case (not magnet) and was a pretty card.  It will make good trade bait too, I bet.

Topps Chrome Lot $8.00:  B+  This pushed my chrome set from 26% to 39% complete, and I have some extra parallels to sell or trade.   Since I couldn’t attend the auction, I had to put in a write in bid, and thought $8 would be enough.   I wonder if I could have got it for less had I been at the actual auction.
UD Exquisite Kelvin Jimenez $2.00:   A-  It’s hard to argue with a autograph card from a premium issue that’s numbered to 75.  The nice magnet card holder made it a no brainer, and I’m frankly surprised I got it.
Topps Platinum Andre Brown Auto $2.00  B-:  It’s a shiny autograph in a screw down holder.  I guess I would do it again, but I’m not real excited about this one.  I remind myself it was only $2.00 and that makes it ok.


Offy said...

Do you have your want list from the Chrome set handy? I have the set that I had started before my case break that I can trade away and I also have two sets available for $25 delivered.

Anonymous said...

Would love to trade for the Miggy,Adam and Gio cards... Let me know!