Sunday, July 31, 2011

1999 Flair- 20+ Years In The Making

I mentioned that I finally finished my 1999 Flair Master set the other day.  This is the first “premium” set I ever put together, and I am extremely fond of it.   The cards are absolutely beautiful.  Many of you who have traded with me have been the beneficiary of the excess I have accumulated while building this set through wax boxes and eBay lots.   I still have lots more and would love to trade some of it to other collectors out there, especially if you have never had any of these. 
The checklist is 144 cards, and has 3 parallel “rows”
Row 1 is comprised of 3 tiers of numbers (1-48 #d to 1,500; 49 to 96 #d to 3,000 and 97 to 144 #d to 6,000).  I love that the set count is divisible by 9 and fits evenly in 9 pocket pages!

Row Parallel Set Cards 1-9.  The Ripken card is a work of art.
Row 2 Is not numbered, but I like it just as much as Row 1.

Row 2 Parallel Cards 1-9

Row 3 is the base set.  It’s ok.  In fact, I don’t even have it in the binder.

Row 3 Derek Jeter

There is also a “Legacy” parallel set #d to 99.  I have a couple of these.  No way am I going to attempt to build that set.
Robin Ventura Legacy Parallel

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