Saturday, July 9, 2011

2004 Sweet Spot Classic Patch

At the recent auction at Cleve’s, I mentioned one of my best wins was a box of screw down/magnet card holders.  I always need these in general, but I had a specific purpose in mind for buying these.  I have a handful of very lovely Sweet Spot Patch cards from 2004 that are too thick for pages. 
I understand manufactured patches aren’t universally loved.  I know one exception.  Make it two, because I really, really like these cards.  There are about 90 in the set, but I have no business trying to build it.  But I do periodically look for one to slip through cheaply on eBay, and there are a few players that I definitely still want to get.   Here is what I have now:

Here are two of my favorites, front and back.  The scratch on the Robinson is the case, not the card.


The Lost Collector said...

My, what lovely screw down cases you have. The cards aren't too bad either. I like 'em.

Eric L said...

That's a mighty fine collection you have there. Those are some of the nicest looking team logo cards I've seen. I'll have to try to track a few down.