Friday, July 8, 2011


UD had a high end set in called Exquisite.  With a name like that, the cards have to be good. At some point names that denote a luxury product will be hard to come up with.  We've had Finest, Sterling, Exquisite, Pristine, Platinum, etc.   I wish one of the card companies would name a higher end set, “Delicious.”   Or “Fabulous.”  Topps Fabulous.  It would bring in a whole new customer segment to the hobby.   
You may recall when I began my “12 Days of Brycemas” posts, the first card I wrote about was a 2007 Exquisite Michael Young.  I am totally enamored with this card.  I’ve got other thick cards, but this thing feels like a brick.   I chanced upon a lot of 12 of these on eBay the other day, and couldn’t help myself.  They came in the other day:

Now, these are fabulous. 
Speaking of the 12 Days of Brycemas string, no, I have not forgotten about it.  Unbelievably I am STILL waiting on a very large order of cards from a certain seller on   I can’t do Day 4 and a few other days until this order comes in.  I finally got confirmation that it shipped, but will not be here until the 11th.  Well over a month after I ordered it.  I am very tempted to blast this seller on my blog, but one of my tenets for this blog (and life for that matter) is to avoid negativity and causing ill toward others.    The seller apparently added some free cards for the hassle, so that’s something.  Long story short, it will be a few days before I resume the 12 Days of Brycemas posts.

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