Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cleve's Auction Night- "Are you serious Napkin?"

Yes, the lovely wife was in for yet another shock tonight on my return from the weekly sports card auction at Cleve's Sports Cards.  I came home with quite a haul, for a small time collector.   Instead of goody boxes, this time I brought home goody binders.  Let's see how I did:

Let's start with one of the main reasons I went tonight.  I had my eye on this box of screw down cases, and hoped to get it under $10.  I did.  $7 got me this box of 34 holders, and I was very happy to see that 6 of them were the magnet types.  Full disclosure-  I spent $38 total tonight.  This particular purchase paid for the evening for me in my estimation.
Purchase grade: A+  I'll take $.18 per screw down/magnet holder any day of the week.  And they are in great shape.   I'm just ticked that I didn't jump on the box of 50 brand new 9 pocket pages that went for $3.

On to the cards:

I didn't scout this card out before hand, and didn't need it at all, but when no one else was biting for $2, I grabbed it.
Purchase Grade:  B  It is a Topps Certified auto, but I just didn't need it.  Although, if I can get something good in trade for it, I will give myself a better grade.

1956 Sandy Amoros and a 1969 Micky Mantle Checklist Card.  These were separate purchases, but in the interest in keeping the post a reasonable length, I combined these cards.  I always try to pick up some vintage of players I don't have at these auctions, thus the Amoros.  I'll take any Brooklyn Dodger I can find, and this beauty was only $3.  The Mantle was $3 as well, and it's now the only vintage Mantle I have.  Purchase Grade:  A- For the Amoros.   I'll take Brooklyn Dodgers for $3 in great condition every time.
C For the Mantle.  I didn't get a good look at this card.  It has been checkmarked.  I also would like an earlier Mantle than 1969.  I was too impulsive on this one.

1958 Roberto Clemente- $5.  This is actually the second 1958 Clemente I've got from one of Cleve's auctions.  Again, I did not scout this one out ahead of time and didn't see the big creases in it from my perch in the back of the store.  Still, I think I would have bought it for $5 anyway had I known.  It's Roberto Clemete for crying out loud.
Purchase Grade B-  It's creased, but it's Clemente and it was $5.  Hint:  I can definately see this as a potential prize should I decide to do another Big Fun Game in the near future...

1960 Ernie Banks- $7.  This was my card of the night.  I do not have a vintage Banks, and this one was in fantastic shape!  There is a little ink on the bottom of the card and some dings along the edges, but I'm very happy with it. Purchase Grade- A+  I would have had to pay twice this amount for a card in this condition online.  It was a HOF player that I wanted but didn't have yet.  Best buy of the night IMO. 

Tomorrow, I'll cover the goody binders that my wife rolled her eyes at.   She's lucky I didn't really go crazy.  I held off on a lot.  There were several pages of (9) 1956 Commons that I could have had for $3 each.  I'm starting to kick myself over that miss.  There was a Gayle Sayers autographed football that went for $17.    There was a cool ticket from a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium from the 50s that went for $10.  There were several unopened wax boxes from the junk wax years that went for $3 each.  See baby, it could have been worse.  Much worse. 

But, so far, what do you think?  Can you please explain to the lovely wife what a great job I did?  And yes, most all of this (and what I show tomorrow) is up for trade, except the Banks.


Play at the Plate said...

Dear Mrs. Nap, aka Lovely wife, Mr. Nap did an amazing job tonight at the auction. He actually showed great restraint. For example, he DID NOT buy the sheets pages for $3. He got an amazing 1956 play at the plate card and some other guys you may or may not have heard of...and he did it all for less than the price of two crappy blaster! Winning!!

Love the play at the plate card. I tried many times to trade for than one on last year's Million Card one bit.

The Lost Collector said...

$5 for that Clemente, despite the creases, is awesome. Great card, great deal.

Captain Canuck said...

nice grabs man... don't bother with the wife. Just beat your head on the wall. Simpler and quicker.