Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Want My Spiegel!!

I used to work in a bookstore, and we sold a German newspaper called "Der Spiegel."  This was before the internet, and so imported papers like this were in demand with a small segment of customers.   We would receive this paper on a limited basis from our newspaper supplier for various reasons.  The point is, we wouldn't always receive Der Spiegel with our weekly shipments.  This was not a big deal to 99.99% of our customers.  There was one exception.  We had one customer that was very put out when he didn't get his Der Spiegel.  I never actually saw this guy, but for some reason, I seemed to always be the poor bastard that answered the phone when he called to complain.  I won't bore you with the whole rant, but every time he called he gave the same speech about us letting him down and not understanding the laws of supply and demand.  What I distinctly remember is that he would always end is phone call by yelling "I want my Der Spiegel!" and slamming the phone down.
I always think about this when I see anything from the blog "Nomo's Sushi Platter" by a dude named Spiegel.
I also think about cool trades.  I recently completed my second trade with Spiegel, and received my end of the trade yesterday.  I sent about 20 cards to him, and he sent a lot more than that to me, with a note saying he hoped what he sent was enough.  I wonder what he thought I was sending?  Speigel, it was more than enough, and I will send you some cards to make up the difference.  Here is what my man Spiegel sent:

 Lots of great Rangers cards!  Love the Andrus Gypsy Queen, and the Cruz Topps Chrome is really cool!
 I don't know why my scanner sometimes chooses to auto crop, and some times not.  But this Ichiro Wall Climber card is really sweet!
 D-Mac!  All time great Razorback!

Speigel also sent a very nice assortment of stars I collect, including some cool cards of the newest 3,000 hit club member, Derek Jeter.
Check out Spiegel's blog if you haven't already.  He's a different kind of cat, and I am amused with his take on things.

Thanks Spiegel, I will catch up with you on the trade soon!

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Spiegel83 said...

Thanks for the trade and the kind words. I enjoy my take on things as well sometimes I am not sure others do. I am glad that you enjoyed what I sent. I posted about the cards that you sent me earlier this afternoon. I also hear about "Der Spiegel" every now and then. Some people in LA have spent time in Germany and mention it to me when they find out my last name. I want my "Der Spiegel"!