Monday, June 13, 2011

On The 2nd Day of Brycemas..

My Harper Gave To Me:

2 Series Topps Box...

Ok, it was just one box, but it was of series two, and I had to work it into the song.   Humor me.

I decided that my shopping spree wouldn't be complete without a box of cards.  My hope was that I might get another big hit and go on yet another big shopping spree.  I probably should have waited for A&G to come out, but that seems like a long ways off, and I need to burn up these funds before the lovely wife gets her lovely little hands on them.  And Gypsy Queen is too expensive.  So I got a hobby box of Topps Series 2.  No big hits, but I enjoyed opening it just the same.   Here are the pics: (I'll spare you the Diamond Duos and 60 series)

I got 10 Diamond Parallel cards, with a really cool Pee Wee Reese.  But other than that at the Ichiro, nothing too exciting.

The Diamond Stars should excite me more, but something about them looks kind of cheap to me.  The Prime 9 was something I didn't know about.  I hope one of the 2 card shops in this area are HTA stores and I can redeem these.    This is a pretty clever program from Topps, and I like the incentive to get people into card shops.  Having said that, I have a feeling I will forget I had these and miss the redemption weeks.

I won't chase much of 2011 Topps, but this is one I want to build.  The Series 2 Checklist is loaded with vintage players. 

I am not sure how I feel about the reprints.  The Mantle is an original back though!

And finally, the hit.  Mark Teixeira.  Not bad, but I'll be happy to trade it for a Game Used card from one of my top 5 players.  


The Lost Collector said...

Nice pull Nappy! I'll keep it in mind if I come across any if your top guys. Brycemas is off to a good start for you!

Eric L said...

You can't beat opening a box of cards using the house's money. And I'm interested to see how you continue the "12 Days of Brycemas" theme into the later days.