Sunday, June 12, 2011

On The First Day of Brycemas..

 (sing this along with the 12 Days of Christmas melody)

My Harper gave to me..

The Thickest Card I've Ever Seen... 
So, the moment I saw funds show up in paypal from my Harper sale, I looked at my eBay watch list for something to buy.  This Michael Young card from 2007 UD Exquisite had been sitting there for a while as a BIN in my list.  I didn't know anything about Exquisite which is why I hadn't pulled the trigger.  It's not that it was that expensive (around $3.50 or so) especially for a card numbered to #75, but I figured that was more than I wanted to spend on it without seeing one up close.  But since I had some new found spending flexibility, I thought, "Why not" and picked it up.  It was officially the first card I bought for Brycemas, and I am so glad I got it. 

This card is fareeeking awesome!  It is the thickest card I've ever seen.  I mean, look at the scan- it casts a &*!%ing shadow!  I immediately started looking for other cards from this set I might want and bought a Torii Hunter relatively cheaply.

So, while this wasn't the biggest or best purchase from my ongoing shopping spree, it definitely is a card I am proud of.


The Lost Collector said...

Enjoy the shopping spree. Looks like a sweet card that you started out with.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love that set. Thickness of the cards should make them stand the tests of time better.