Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mail Time (Non Brycemas)

One of the packages I a have been anxiously awaiting was my group break portion from The Daily Dimwit.     He ran a break of 2006 UD Ovation a few weeks ago, and I signed up for the Rangers, and had the Tigers as my randomly selected 2nd team.   The Daily Dimwit is one of the best blogs out there, and the author, Sam, is a great guy to boot.  So, I was glad to be apart of his break since it was the first one I've ever participated in.  Long story short, all the participants received a full set of Ovation base, as well as hits and dupes of their claimed teams.  I was crossing my fingers for a Michael Young autograph.  Imagine my delight when I managed to get 2:

I also got a Chris Shelton auto (available if anyone is interested), and some nice other inserts.
Ovation was a great set from Upper Deck, and I'm thrilled with my full set and hits.  Thanks Dimwit!

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