Saturday, December 14, 2013

COMC Black Friday Parade: Beltre Beltre Beltre!

Yesterday I showed off the Ranger cards I picked up on COMC's Black Friday sale.  Well of COURSE I bought some Adrian Beltre cards too!  Behold:

This is one of those Blue Sapphire rookie reprints found in Bowman 2013 products.  I paid like $.50 for it.  I think that's pretty incredible when you consider this particular card was inserted in boxes of Bowman Inception, which I think cost something like a kajillion $ a box.  So it wasn't cheap to get this card, even as a toss in to the rest of the product.   I know this isn't the card that collectors are buying the boxes for, but still.  Seems pretty amazing to get this card for nothing, but maybe I just don't get it. 

I think all of these cost around a buck each.  I'm building quite a nice Beltre relic collection.

Finally, a added this acetate card from 2013 Pinnacle.  It's a sweet card, and I would be all over this insert set if only the team logos were present.  Man, I wish they had a liscence!

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