Sunday, December 15, 2013

COMC Black Friday Parade: Wooo Pig Sooie!!!

This year, in football at least, was rough disasterous for my Hogs this year.  But we at least finished with a valiant effort and near win against LSU.  So I wasn't too despondent regarding my Piggies when it was time to shop the  Black Friday sale. 

I realize that 99% of you don't care about the Razorbacks, so I'm going skip the effort of commentary on these cards and just show the pretty pictures.  The important thing to remember is all of these guys below are Razorbacks.

One quick exception.  These D-Mac Inception cards are the boss.  I guess it's almost time to say it hasn't worked out for D-Mac in the NFL, despite periodic flashes of greatness.  He just can't stay healthy.  No matter, he's still probably my all time favorite Razorback football player.  If he would somehow find his way to the Cowboys, I would pass out from ecstasy much like I did when Cliff Lee became a Ranger for a half season.
Ok, this deserves a comment too.  Knile Davis is a bad MOFO, and I'm predicting greatness for him in the NFL.  I'm ecstatic about getting this auto for a couple of bucks.

Ok, another quick comment:  poor Tyler Wilson.  I remember draft experts saying (before the draft) he was the most NFL ready of all the QB prospects in last year's draft.  He was recently cut by the Raiders.  It doesn't work well when my Hogs go to the Raiders.

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Brad's Blog said...

I hope McFadden gets healthy in the offseason and signs a one year deal and proves himself. The guy's too talented.