Friday, August 30, 2013

Pie Face Funded: 2003 Diamond Kings

I was able to knock out one of the insert sets from 2003 Diamond Kings using my "Pie Face" funds, and it's a satisfying feeling.  I mean, I've been working off and on towards completing this master set over 10 years now.   I've got a few of the inserts done, and I've got a bunch of the autos/relics.

I can include the "Team Timelines" set to the "done" pile:

The cards are all numbered to 1,000 and have a nice leathery feel to them.  Here is the beautiul set in a full page:

 The Gehrig/Soriano card is number 10 and is on a separate page.  I kind of wish card compaines would make all of their sets and inserts in multiples of 9s rather than 5/10s. 

I also picked up one of the 3 cards I needed from the "Heritage" insert set:


I'm only missing Thurmon Munson and Barry Bonds now, so if you happen to have either of those available, please let me know!

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