Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Favorite Martin Redux

The Rangers have been red hot lately, and a contributing factor has been the stellar pitching of Leonys Martin PerezPerez  Martin has long been heralded as a top pitching hitting prospect, but seemed to regress last year and fell off a lot of people's radars.  Good thing the Rangers didn't give up on him, or trade him away because he's been a revelation this summer.

I decided I should get some cards of him for my Rangers album:

This Bowman Sterling card is numbered to 199 and is amazing in hand.  I got it for a buck on sportlots.com.  I'd like 8 more of these and make a whole page of them.

This is pretty much all I have of Martin, so if you have anything cool of his and are willing trade, let me know!

Finally, just to show that I do read the comments, let me humor The Lost Collector so that he isn't once again totally duped and disappointed by the title of this post:

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The Lost Collector said...

Finally, someone listens! Love the picture of Sheneneh. How she hasn't made it onto an A&G card still baffles me.