Wednesday, August 14, 2013

At Some Point A-Rod Will Go So Far Ridiculous That He'll Be Collectible Again

There's got to be a point where A-Rod becomes such a train wreck that his cards will once again be in demand.  Right?  I kind of feel like that is happening with Jose Canseco.  His cards are still pretty much worthless, but won't we be talking about him 20 years from now?  Won't that make his cards collectible again?  I caught myself looking up prices on some of his '86 Rookies after I read a few of his thoughts on Twitter.  I highly encourage you to follow Canseco if you have a Twitter account.  He's either the world's biggest idiot, or an absolute genius. 

I can see that happening with A-Rod.  You know there is plenty more bizarre/crazy in the well in that guy.  And the moment someone writes a comprehensive biography on him, I'm plunking down my money for it without hesitation.

That's why I was happy to get a few more A-Rod cards from Sam at the Daily Dimwit.

  Please, please, please don't take this as an invite to dump your A-Rod cards on me. 

But you can dump your Rangers on me, and Sam did just that:

There was a lot more in the pack, but these were some of my favorites.  Love the Buckel Topps 100 card, and had been wanting one since the set came out. 

Thanks again for the trade Sam!

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Fuji said...

You're onto something. My ex was fascinated with Dennis Rodman, because he was a train wreck. She loved it every time I found new Rodmans for her. I'm sure there are more weirdos like her out there ;-)