Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bowman Blues

Does anyone else like the blue sapphire chrome rookie reprints that are in Bowman products this year?  I do, and they're actually pretty inexpensive!   If you aren't aware, there was a 15 card insert set in Bowman base this year of blue framed chrome reprints of well known Bowman rookie cards.  

Other than mistakenly paying $5 for the Bryce Harper card at auction several weeks ago, I picked up all the other cards in the set I needed for $.18 each on  At least, I picked up the 15 that were issued with Bowman base this year.  I understand the set continues with Bowman Inception, but those cards are a lot tougher to get, at one card per case.

Here are the 15 from Bowman Base:

I forgot to scan the Matt Holliday card, but I'm sure you don't mind.  I'm also close to finishing my State/Hometown Flag parallels of Bowman '13.  That set, combined with these blue chrome reprints will make a pretty sharp looking album!

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The Lost Collector said...

These are cool. I definitely need to pick up the Rivera...and a pair of the relaxed fit khakis he's rocking.