Monday, June 3, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: Granny, Whitey and a Harper Mishap

I picked up a couple of nice cards for the Sampler album at Cleve's auction this week, and made a total bonehead mistake on a Bryce Harper.

Let's start with a 1963 Whitey Ford:

This card is in ok shape, with a couple of rounded corners and a little bit of a scuffed surface, but great for what I paid for it I guess.

I bid on this one just because the guys name was Granny.  It's in very good shape, and it's only the second card I've got in the 1956 page of the sampler album.

So far, two pretty good pickups.  I really blew it with this one though:

I must have been in a hurry when I was writing in bids, and didn't pay attention to what this really was.  I thought it was a blue parallel of Bryce Harper's 2011 card.  Nope. Well I guess technically it is, just not from 2011.   It's a reprint of his 2011 card, but was issued in 2013 Bowman.  While I still think it's a cool looking card,  I can pick this up for a quarter on  I forked over $5 at auction.    Man I pull some bonehead moves sometimes.  The lovely wife is somewhere saying "amen to that."

Finally, while these weren't in the auction, I did pick them up at Cleve's out of his $1 box:

I'll take a low numbered Cabrera for a $1 any day, especially since he apparently is going to win the triple crown the next 4 years in a row.


1963 Whitey Ford   $3: B+ The card is a little dingy, but not bad for that price.

1960 Granny Hamner  $3:  B+  A cool name and a nice looking card.

2011  2013 Bryce Harper Bowman  F :  Got to learn to read the auction description cards better. 


The Lost Collector said...

That Whitey is nice! For some reason, I have no recollection of the Yanks from the '63 set. I saw a Mantle the other day from 1963 Topps and I was confused by it because I didn't recognize it.

Your Granny card is a '56, not a '60. Does that bump the grade to an A-?

Napkin Doon said...

You're right, I typed faster than my brain worked. No, the grade stays the same, but I get points deducted from my history score.

Commishbob said...

We've all messed up with bidding somewhere along the line. Want to buy a PHOTOCOPIED 'autographed' John Unitas 8x10..... cheap?

Reading is Fundimental, as our school librarian says.

carlsonjok said...

Wait. Topps is issuing reprints of 2 year old cards? Do they think we are stupid?
Don't answer that.

Fuji said...

Sweet Ford and Granny! The 56T design is my personal favorite.

As for the Harper... I'm right there with you. Let's see...

#1 - I purchased an EMPTY box of 1992 Gameday FB cards.

#2 - I purchased five colored COPIES of Star Wars sketch cards. Yes... copies.

#3 - I purchased a Kenta Maeda card that I thought was an oddball rookie card. It ended up being a custom card some guy made on his computer.

Luckily... none of our mistakes were too costly.

Napkin Doon said...

Thanks for making me feel better dudes. Except you Jeff.