Friday, August 16, 2013

Prospecting and Hoping: Jorge Alfaro Auto

“It’s starting to come together – and when it gets there, it’s over.”- Rangers player development official on Jorge Alfaro

I like to think I am not easily influenced into believing hype on prospects.  I certainly LIKE to dream on prospects just like any fan, but I usually have a pretty healthy understanding that the odds are generally stacked against a prospect having success at the Major League level.  But then I read quotes like the one above and can't help drinking the kool aid.  And when I then see an affordable autograph card of the player available.... well I can't help myself.    I bought two of these Jorge Alfaro autos from 2013 Bowman Platinum, just because.   How about some more hype?

"What sort of ceiling does Alfaro have? Given the skill set Alfaro is exhibiting now -- big arm, big power, athletic, the type of catcher who should block the plate well and give you good defense, but who isn't going to walk a lot or hit for average, lots of Ks -- Lance Parrish is the comp that comes to mind for me. Parrish was an eight time All Star, six time Silver Slugger winner, three time Gold Glove winner."

"A big strong right-handed bat, the still-teenaged Alfaro looks likely to stick behind the plate, where he exhibits a cannon arm of increasing accuracy. His game-calling skills are a long way off, but if that .320/.430/.750 Sally League line from 2012 is a real indicator of his potential, the Rangers will be content to wait it out."

"That means that Alfaro could turn into a...5-tool catcher? He is still light years away from making good on all of the potential, but the end product could be something quite frightening if it all comes together. Because replacement level at catcher is so low, both in terms of real baseball and in fantasy, Jorge Alfaro is one of the highest ceiling players in all of the Minor Leagues."

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